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Tensioned Rubber Screens

Tensioned Rubber Screens


The length and width of tensioned rubber screens are determined by the users’ actually sifter size of screen machine. In order to install and parts change conveniently, the length of combination screen (amount to the width of screen machine) should be not more than 2.5m and the width (amount to the length of screen machine after pieces together) should be not more than 1.6m. There should have no less than 5mm gaps between screens, reels and screens. We are able to provide custom tensioned rubber screens conforming customer’s special requirements.


The rubber screens are used as vibrating screen in mineral separation, coal dressing and


1.Rubber material can highly absorb the impact force, so they have good wear resistance and under normal circumstance, the service life of the tensioned rubber screens is more than 4-8 times of mental screens.
2.Noise and dusting level reduction results in improving work conditions. Compared with mental screens the wear resistance rubber screens can reduce the noise of 5-20 decibels and obviously reduce the dust wave according to field tests and at the same time to make the work environment clean and quiet.
3.These kinds of the tensioned rubber screens have light weight, convenient installment, load and unload transportation. The weight of 1 square meter of 15mm thickness is less than 15Kg; it not only reduces the weight of equipment itself, but also reduces the power consumption of screen machine. 
4.Because the rubber screens’ own structure, the sieve pores of the tensioned rubber screens have good relaxation performance ( it means the sieve pores’ diameters have small periodical change under a certain exogenous process) and the shapes of these sieve pores as an inverted cone which have better self cleaning capacity and also won’t be block up.
5.The screening precision is very high, because the sieve pores are made by dedicated mould processing, so the size is accurate and this is the woven screen surface won’t have in reality.


Property  Units Value
Hardness Shore A 63
Tensile Strength  MPa  19 ± 10
Elongation at Break % 660 ± 10
Tear Strength N/mm 313
Abrasion Loss MM3 37
Resilience %  
Operating Temperatures (Continuous use)   -30℃to+60℃/
Colour   Black


All physical property values developed and measured using a press-cured sample sheet prepared in accordance with GB/T18241.2-2000.