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Steel-Backed Rubber Screen


Our steel-backed rubber liner panels are the ideal solution for the feed chutes of equipment such as crushers and other mobile or static equipments, which have the advantages to protect your busy operators, expensive machineries and minimize the impact on the immediate environment and so on. We are able to provide custom steel-backed rubber screens conforming customer’s special specifications and usability.


This Steel-backed rubber liner panels can be widely used with stronger professional applicability, they suit for any types of screening machines and can be manufactured according to measure the machines.


1. Custom-made: Our Steel-backed rubber screens are made in sheet or modular form.
2. Maximum panel size: 1200 x 1500mm
3. Overall panel thickness: 75mm
4. Steel thickness: 6mm (3-20mm available)
5. Rubber properties: These kinds of steel-backed rubber screens are of highly wear resistance, impact resistance and cut resistance.
6. Fixings: They supplied to suit with countersunk holes (in rubber) and counterbored holes (insteel).


1. Our steel-backed rubber screens suit the specific profiles of your machine’s feed chute.
2. They have the flexible ability to only replace the worn (modular) panels.
3.  The service life of Steel-backed rubber liner panels is long, because they have more production and less costly downtime.
4.  Steel-backed rubber screens can product your investment and reduce machine vibration from heavy loading.
5. Our products are friendly to environment, because they can highly reduce the noise pollution and at the same time they improved the quality of health and safety, because the noise reduction is good for operators who exposed to continuous operation. 
6. This kind of steel-backed rubber screens doesn’t absorb water and has high self-lubricating ability; it can break the molecular chains which formed from water absorption and remove bond to make the material down smooth natural.
7. Compared with the same function of air cannon, vibrator and stainless steel liners’ costs, this kind of Steel-backed rubber liner panels highly reduces the cost. 
8. Steel-backed rubber screens good wear resistance and shock resistance and at the same time they added a variety of ingredients to maintain original character and improve the advantage of practicability.


Property    Units Value
Hardness Shore A 63
Tensile Strength  MPa  19 ± 10
Elongation at Break % 660 ± 10
Tear Strength N/mm 313
Abrasion Loss MM3 37
Resilience %  
Operating Temperatures (Continuous use)   -30℃to+60℃
Colour   Black


All physical property values developed and measured using a press-cured sample sheet prepared in accordance with GB/T18241.2-2000.