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Solvent Resistance Roller


Solvent resistance roller is made from a coating machine. The machine controlled by computer coats acid or solvent resistance layer on the metal roller’s core surface, end face and shaft diameter with high performance. Compared with other domestic products of the industry, its lifetime is three to four times longer than theirs. We are in the leading role in the domestic and reach international advanced level.
Note: We can design and manufacture rubber roller according to customers’ operating needs.

PU advantage

1. PU elastomer possesses good performance, such as resistant to abrasion, chemical erosion, high pressure load, radiation and tear, as well as high tensile strength, high elasticity, shock absorption, high strength, high bearing and shock mitigation.

2. It can adhere to metal well, having broad hardness range and excellent plate to absorb and mitigate shock, with better performance in impact resistance than metal spring, and no damage to the mould.

Specification table Solvent Resistance Roller:

Item  Unit Index
Hardness Shore A 70-80
Tensile Strength  MPa ≥45
Elongation at Break % ≥410
Tear Strength KN/m ≥80
Permanent Set % ≤8
DIN Abrasion Loss mm3 ≤30
Acid Resistance H ≥4000
H2SO4 <250g/1 <90℃
HCC <200g/1 <90℃
HNO3 <180g/1 <80℃
HNIO3/HF 180g/1 50g/1 <70℃