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Roller screen roller (Coal Screen Roller) is made from a layer of PU elastic material covering the metal roller core surface.
Note: We can process screen rollers of all diameters and within six meters according to customers’ needs.

Application of Coal Screen Roller

It is mainly used for the screening of coal mine, power station and coal preparation plants, and the final screening of over 13 mm particle size group and the pelletizing screening of steel enterprise pelletizing plants, as well as the screening of other block material.

Use Site Of Rubber Screen Rollers:

Advantage and feature

1.The roller core adheres to the layer closely, with outstanding tear resistance and abrasion resistance cutting performance, and its lifetime is 3-5 times longer than that of steel roller and other rubber roller.
2.Our rubber screen roller is with the advantages of outstanding elasticity and mechanical strength, resistant to abrasion, acid and alkali, oil, ageing and heat, long lifespan and fine performance.
3.We adopt imported raw rubber material of high quality, with high processing precision and stable usage performance, supplying rubber rollers applicable to various working environments and ensuring the production equipments work well.
4.We adopt strict production process to provide customers with high quality coal screen rollers, and we can customize rubber rollers’ specification and technical requirements in accordance with customers’ operating needs.

Specification of Rubber Screen Roller

Item Unit Index
Hardness Shore A 95 ± 2
Tensile Strength  MPa 50.3
Elongation at Break % 395
Shear Strength KN/m 87.5
DIN Abrasion Loss % 69
Rebound Force mm3 69

Product specification of Coal Screen Roller

Roller Diameter Roller Dia.Error
○70 1000-6000 ±0.1
○100 1000-600O ±0.1
○120 1000-600O ±0.1
○160 1000-600O ±0.1