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Rubber Mesh


Rubber mesh is a kind of new rubber screen; it belongs to the sifter technique area of vibrating screen. This kind of utility model is a kind of rubber sieve made by crisscross rubber strips and the vertical and horizontal rubber strips are on the two surfaces respectively. This rubber sieve is of light weight, low noise, high screening rate and long service life. We are able to provide custom rubber mesh conforming customer’s special requirements.


The rubber mesh is mainly used as the vibrating screen in metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, building and other industries with the advantages of good wear resistance, long service life, high screening efficiency and low noise.


1.This kind of rubber mesh has high wear resistance, shock resistance and long service life.
2.Our rubber sieve has special structure and appropriate elastic force, not only can make the strangled material pass through sieve pores or escape sieve pores to become the production of minus sieve or plus sieve, but also can make the fine grained materials not to be stuck by secondary high-frequency vibration. So this kind of rubber mesh decreased the plugging holes, cleaned the surfaces of production and improved the screening efficiency.
3.he rubber sieve can effectively absorb impact, reduce noise and improve working environment.
4.This new rubber mesh is tensioned in horizontal which has light weight, good flexibility, convenient installment and easy to transport and keep.


Property  Units Value
Hardness Shore A 63
Tensile Strength  MPa  19 ± 10
Elongation at Break % 660 ± 10
Tear Strength N/mm 313
Abrasion Loss MM3 37
Resilience %  
Operating Temperatures (Continuous use)   -30℃to+60℃/
Colour   Black


All physical property values developed and measured using a press-cured sample sheet prepared in accordance withGB/T18241.2-2000.