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Ball Mill Shell Lifter Bar


A ball mill, as a grinder, is cylindrical equipment used in grinding (or mixing) materials like coal, chemicals, ceramic raw materials and paints. There is a hollow cylindrical shell rotating about its axis in the grinding mill. And the shell is lining with lifter bar to ensure efficient mill operation.
Shell lift liner (Shell lifter bar) made from rubber, is widely used in mineral separation nowadays.
It is used to lift the steel ball or steel bar (in the mill) to impact the material into powder.
It with the characteristics of light weight, but efficient to reduced impact on rotating components at the same time. In addition, it is easy to install and replace, with merits of noise reduction, abrasion resistant, anti-corrosion, energy saving and so on.

Specifications of Mill Shell Lifter Bar

140-110 Lifter Bar
140-135 Lifter Bar
165-160 Lifter Bar
165 Lifter Bar
210-220 Lifter Bar
165-135 Shell Lift Liner
165-160 Composite Lifter Bar
210-180 Shell Lift Liner
210-300 Lifter
210-400 Lifter Bar

Advantages of our Mill Shell Lifter Bar

1. The shell lift liner can prolong shell’s life time.
2. Less weight overall with reduced impact on rotating components.
3. Easy installation with light weight.
4. Lesser downtime losses.
5. Shell lift liner can greatly reduce the noise of the machine.
6. Leak proof fastening system.
7. Easy Wear Monitoring and Wear Life predictability.
8. Fixing design eliminates bolt breakages during operation.