Hopper liner has the advantages of wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, antistatic, not bibulous, light weight, well stability, non-toxic tasteless, small friction coefficient, antisticking, long service life, not easy to damage, flexible operation and convenient maintenance and so on. 


Hopper liner is widely used as accessory of wear-resisting liners, corrosion resistant liners, under boarding, sliding plate, cushion block, slide block and machinery in various industries。


1.Wear resistance. This kind of hopper liner has high tenacity due to its high physical density.         
2.Resistant to low temperature and high temperature. The high molecular weight polyethylene liners are developed on the basis of summarizing years of experience. so they will not change the internal structure under the environment of low temperature of minus 50 degrees and high temperature of 100 degrees. 
3.Corrosion resistance and impact resistance. 
4.The hopper linings are of firmly stuck. 
5.Smooth surface of this kind of liners. 
6.High wear resistance and lowest friction coefficient. 
7.Our hopper liner has low water-absorbing quality. It cannot be wetted by water and affected by humidity of material. So the material will not stick to the inside shell of hopper linings and even in the open workplace the wet material and container will not frozen together for the low temperature.


Property  Units Value
Hardness Shore A 62
Tensile Strength  MPa  20.5 ± 10
Elongation at Break 6.5 ± 10
Tear Strength N/mm 313
Abrasion Loss MM3 35
Resilience %  
Operating Temperatures (Continuous use)   -40℃to+70℃/
Colour   Black


All physical property values developed and measured using a press-cured sample sheet prepared in accordance with GB/T18241.2-2000.