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Heavy Polyurethane Rubber Roller


Heavy polyurethane rubber roller is made by covering a layer of elastic material of polyurethane around the metal roll core (ZG35 weight is around 1.5).Note: Custom-made PU rubber rollers are available.


Custom-made PU rubber rollers are available.


Heavy polyurethane rubber roller is widely applied in large mixer among sintering plants of iron companies to provide power and rotation. It is the most desirable driving rubber roller with high load capacity in China. After using the PU rubber roller, the mixer cylinder’s working life can be extended and the vibration of work scene and the noise can be reduced. The diameter of pouring is belowф2000 and the length can be designed according to customers’ needs.

Advantages and Features of PU Rubber Roller

1. Polyurethane rubber roller is characterized by resistance to wear, resistance to chemical erosion, high tensile length, high elasticity, resistance to high pressure and heavy load, resistance to abrasion, strong shock absorption, resistance to tear, resistance to radiation, high intensity, high load and strong crack resistance.
2. Polyurethane rubber roller has good adhesion to metals, along with wide scale of hardness.
3. PU rubber roller has cushion to absorb vibration and reduce shock, which resists impact better than metal spring without damage to module.
4. Heavy polyurethane rubber roller has high line pressure, surface pressure and wear resistance. Besides, roller core is closely glued with glue line, which extends its working life.
5. It is featured by excellent elasticity, mechanical intensity, wear resistance, long working life, resistance to acid and alkali, resistance to oil and aging, resistance to heat and good property.
6. Polyurethane rubber roller adopts excellent import rubber materials. In addition, rubber roller has high precision of processing, stable property. Thus, our company can provide PU rubber roller used in various circumstances which can ensure the successful operation of producing equipments.
7. Our company has strict requirement on production procedures so as to supply high-quality products for clients. Custom-made PU rubber roller and special technical requirement also can be met according to clients’ needs.

Parameter of physical property

Item Unit Lndex
Hardness Shore A 95 ± 2
Tensile Strength  MPa 50.3
Elongation at Break % 395
Shear Strength KN/m 87.5
DIN Abrasion Loss % 39
Rebound Force mm3 69
Linear Pressure H 1200