• Forged Steel
  • Forged Steel Forged steel ball is obtained by forging after direct high temperature heating. It’s named as forged steel ball because it’s only by tempering process, without melting and casting.
  • Cast Steel Grinding Ball
  • Cast Steel Grinding Ball By different materials, the cast steel shot can be classified into four categories: cast iron ball, high chromium alloy casting ball, multielement alloy cast ball, and low chromium alloy cast ball.

General Introduction 

Grinding balls are utilized as grinding media for a ball mill. Its working principle is to cause impact and friction between steel balls, and grinding materials. As a type of crucial component, especially the steel balls used in precision industries plays an important part in the development of national economy.


We can supply forged or cast steel ball for the grinding mill.


Widely used in cement plant, power plant and etc.
Low (high) chromium elements alloy steel ball.
Low (high) chromium elements alloy casting and forging.


The product flowchart:

Advantages of Grinding Balls in Shino: 

1. Production Ability
We are one of the largest wear resistant casting and forging steel balls manufacturer in China. 
For micro-ball that the diameter smaller than 40mm, Disa automatic production line is adopted for producing, the most advanced solution in China. 
For steel ball that the diameter bigger than 40mm, the sand coated iron mold production line is adopted. 
By this we not only ensure you the benefits of top quality, stable performance, high efficiency, but also guarantee timely delivery in accordance with customers' requirement. 
2. Grinding Ball Testing Ability
We have provincial-level production technology center and laboratory, the only one that is certificated by SNAS in the same industry field in China. (Certificate number: CNAS L5120). Our product is asserted for state inspection exemption product, and we can provide report by national accreditation as the third party. 
3. Determine Index for Main Chemical Composition and Physical Property
We can provide complete testing facility. The production will be in strict accordance with the requirements of the tenderer. 
We ensure the main chemical composition Cr11—14%(≥11%) of our grinding ball. If the chrome content of testing results lower than the agreed standard 0.2%, we will have 500 RMB debited for each ton. 
We also ensure that HRC quenching state (A) ≥60, non quenching state (B) ≥58; otherwise, we will have 500 RMB debited for each ton, if <1 HRC.
4. Workshop Experiment of Every Component
We have advanced testing equipment for chemical composition and physical property from melting, casting, heat treating. Additionally, we have complete workshop experiment equipment and manufacturing techniques, such as light cutting, metallographic analysis, falling ball experiment, and etc to ensure quality of our grinding ball. 
5. Special Industrial Techniques
High chrome ball casting and forging is by fusing at high temperature. The melting temperature can reach 1480℃, so impurities can be removed from molten steel, increasing its purity and preventing out-of-roundness.。
6. Constant Temperature Casting 
We adopt automatic production line for producing, including high temperature melting and constant temperature casting. High temperature casting will be completed after high temperature melting to prevent environment temperature affecting the casting temperature, and ensure that high temperature melting and casting are completed at the same constant temperature. Since constant temperature casting can only be done by automatic production line, all our bidding products will be produced by automatic production line. 
7. Anhydrous Production
Automatic production line is used for producing, that is, to cover the resin sand on metal mold, which will better improve the iron-carbon ratio, making it perfectly suitable for quenching. This technique adopts anhydrous production without water or moisture, eliminating defects such as slag inclusion, blowhole and etc. 
Another benefit is to increase liquidity of molten steel, and maintain the intense cooling process, making cast ball grain refiner and more compact. This is the most advanced grinding ball industrial technique in the world.
8. The Technique and Equipment of Oil Quenching
Heat treatment is crucial in improving the product quality. Our company is equipped with the most advanced oil quenching machinery in China. Infrared thermometer is utilized to control the quenching temperature.
For steel ball (grinding ball) with different specifications, different temperature control and time control technology will be adopted to ensure good hardenability. The hardness difference between ball surface and its core will be controlled within 0.5HRC, making steel ball more wear-resistant without deformation, out of roundness and improving its grinding ability. 
9. As motioned above, we are the second largest manufacturer for wear-resistant materials in China, with reliable technology and advanced equipment. We own 16 sets of medium-frequency high temperature furnace (weigh 1 ton) and 8 sets of annealing furnace, an automatic production line for metal mold big steel ball, two automatic Disa production lines, six automatic oil-quenching production lines, HSQ direct-reading spectrometer imported from Germany, metallographic microscope, impact test.


1. For first time use, cast steel shots are supposed to be added at the ratio of 30%. Using empty grinding mill for operation is highly not suggested.
2. The mixture of cast steel shot produced by other factory is not allowed; otherwise, we do not undertake any responsibilities in case of any quality problem.
3. For the transportation and storage of the cast steel shot, please avoid acid, alkali and water erosion.

Grinding Ball Service:

1. Spot-on technology service for the customer is available to handle technology problems in time.
2. We will accept customer’s technology consultancies about wear resistant grinding materials at any time. The service of dispatching personnel for tracking supervision is also available.
3. If there is any problem, we ensure that our technicians will come as soon as possible.

Packaging of Grinding Ball:

Packed in plastic woven flexible bag (Ton)
Classified packages according to different specifications of the steel ball