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Dewatering Screen


In addition to have all kinds of excellent performances and functions of normal dewatering screen, this kind of dewatering screen more cooperate with thickeners to do the tailings dry discharging and now it is the best dewatering screen (tailings PU screen) and the best equipment of the tailings dry discharging. We can produce any sieve size, hole pattern, thickness and boundary dimension of the tailings dewatering screen for your requirements.

Applications and Features

1. The tailings dewatering screen is a kind of special equipment for coal slime. It is widely used in screening and dewatering of coal slime, filter pressing and isolating rough materials, filtering and isolating rough materials and dewatering and recycling of other fine materials.
2. This tailings PU screen adopts the dual electrodes self-synchronizing technology, common eccentric block and adjustable amplitude of vibrator. The components include straining box, vibration exciter, supporting system and electrical machine. According to the tape coupling drives the two vibrations which are not linked to do the synchronous reverse work, the centrifugal force produced by two groups of eccentric mass stacks the component force along the direction of vibration and offset the reverse centrifugal force, thus form the unitary induced vibration along the direction of vibration and make the straining to do the reciprocating rectilinear movement.

Successful Cases of Cooperation

The polyurethane screen we provide to Brazilian customer: weight: 2.06 KG thickness: 40 mm

Advantages of Tailings PU Screen

1. This tailings dewatering screen is characterized by low noise and easy maintenance. 
2. It features rational structure, sturdy and durable.
3. The dewatering screen obtains well effect of dehydration, safe and reliable. 
4. The polyurethane screen owns great handling ability of screening, thus lead to high screening efficiency.
5. This tailings PU screen has the characters of light weight, convenient installment and no sudden spring parted.

Specifications of Physical and Mechanical Properties

Project Unit Standards
Hardness ShoreA 65 70 75 80
Tensile Strength  MPa 10 11.5 13.5 16
Elongation at Break % 410 400 395 390
Shear Strength N/mm 33 43 47 55
DIN Wear-resistance MM3 98 50 39 35
Rebound Rate % 80 70 69 67

Production Standards of Tailings PU Screen

External Size(length×) Aperture Thickness
610×305 0.1×174 47
610×306 0.2×14 47