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Cast Steel Grinding Ball

Cast Steel Grinding Ball

General introduction: 

We can manufacturer forged or cast steel ball for the grinding mill. Here we introduce the cast steel grinding ball.
The cast steel shot is successfully obtained by medium-frequency melting and heating furnace charge, such as steel scrap, iron scrap and etc. In the melting process, an appropriate amount of precious metal alloy (chromium iron, ferromanganese iron, ferrovanadium) will be added in the crucible for chemical composition quenching and tempering. When the temperature of molten iron reaches over 1550℃, which can meet the industrial requirements, using crucible tongs, carefully pour the molten iron into cast steel ball mold or steel ball production mold.
By different materials, the cast steel shot can be classified into four categories: cast iron ball, high chromium alloy casting ball, multielement alloy cast ball, and low chromium alloy cast ball.

The product flowchart:

Advantage of our Cast Steel Grinding Ball: 

1. The mixture ratio of chemical composition
Appropriate mixture ratio of chemical composition was explored and developed for a long time by research and development personnel of Kaiyuan electricity & wear resistant material co., LTD from Ningguo city, Anhui Province. One of its uniqueness is to better combine the hardness and tenacity to achieve the desired state.
2. Characteristics of the melting and casting process of Cast Steel Shot production:
All adopting medium frequency furnace for production, and constant temperature casting, effectively ensuring the stability of the material
3. Characteristics of temperature control process
Temperature control is crucial and complex in the chromium casting ball production. The product quality may vary greatly by different tapping temperature, casting temperature mold unloading temperature and heat treating temperature. Proper and precise temperature control makes perfect transformation from liquid to solid.
4. Characteristics of molding process of Cast Steel Grinding Ball Manufacture
Casting when temperature difference between molten iron and mold reaching 1500℃ makes the grain of steel finer and compact and carbide spread radically. In the grinding process, this carbide embeds in the matrix again, and keeps forming the hard layer, which will tremendously improve the combination of the hardness and tenacity of the casting ball.
5. Characteristics of heat treatment in Cast Steel Shot production:
It adopts fully-automatic pusher electrical heating oil-quenching, air quenching production line for heat treating to produce an opposite effect of hardenablility. Furnace tempering treatment helps grinding material matrix achieve advantages of high hardness, greater strength and toughness, low losses, and abrasion-resistance. 
6. Testing method and regulation of Cast Steel Grinding Ball
Strict conformity with the stipulations of our country’s National standard (GB/T17445-2009) of casting grinding ball