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Belt Conveyer


Belt Conveyor, also called rubber belt conveyer, is equipment for conveying material continuously by friction driving. It transports material in a certain conveyor line from the beginning feeding end to the final unloading end. It can convey fragmental goods, as well as unit goods. Apart from pure conveying of material, it also can cooperate with process requirements in production and form a rhythmic assembly conveying line.
Adopt line conveying according to process requirements: common continuous operation, rhythm operation and variable-speed operation and other control modes.
Adopt line according to actual condition: straight line, curve, slope and other line modes.
Convey parts include: rubber belt conveyor, also called ribbon conveyer or rubber belt conveyer, is an essential eco-friendly conveying equipment of composing the rhythmic assembly line. 
Component: General belt conveyer is made up of conveyer belt, carrier roller, roller and driving unit, brake, tensioning gear, loading, unloading, cleaner, etc.

Main type

DTL100/80/2×125, DTL140/150/2×132, DTL140/150/75, DTL80/10/55S,  DTLl20/90/2×132S, DTL140/120/2/132S, DTLl00/90/2×110S, DTLl00/90/2×185S,  DTL/120/100/2×132Xfixed belt conveyor are universal series products, use different structural belt as pulling force component for continuous conveyer equipment.


We can also design and produce according to user needs and road feature.


1. They widely apply to coal, metallurgy, mine, port, light industry, chemical industry, petroleum, engineering and other industries to convey all kinds of bulk and irregular shapes coal or gangue.
2. All FLP models upward, downward, and horizontal fixed rubber belt conveyors apply to coal mine underground gate road transportation, drifting, main road transportation, and opencast coal mine and ground transportation system.

Product process chart:

1. Head Hooper 2. Head support 3. Head cleaner 4. Driving roller 5. Conveyer belt 6. Upper carrier roller 7. Buffering carrier roller 8. Feed channel 9.Redirection roller 10. Spiral tension device 11. Tailstock 12. Empty segment cleaner 13. Return roller 14. Center shelf 15. Motor 16. Hydraulic coupling 17. Brake 18. Reducer 19. Coupling


1. The rubber belt conveyor with mass carryings and low power consumption, low abrasion and tearing, and high productivity. 
2. Powerful grade ability
3. Convenient maintenance
4. Some features are easy to realize conveying system automation 
5. With high speed, stability and low noise, it can convey material or powder less than 100KG by the continuous or interval operation of the conveyor, and convey uphill and downhill.
6. Primarily, the belt conveyer is reliable in operation, and adaptable and flexible in its convoying route. 
7. Rubber belt conveyor is the best conveying equipment with high efficiency and can work continuously for coal mine. It owns huge advantages, such as long conveying distance, mass capacity and long time continuous conveying, reliable operation, and easy to realize automation and centralized control.