• Ball Mill Lifter Bar
  • Ball Mill Lifter Bar This eliminates the need to drill new attachment holes. All components are molded to meet any specific mill and operating conditions. We are able to provide custom ball mill lifter bar conforming upon customers’ requirements.
  • Mill Liners
  • Mill Liners Mill liners are used to protect the inner shell of the cylinder from being impacted and worn directly by material and grind-ball and the corrosion wear of pulp.
  • Ball Mill Composite Liners
  • Ball Mill Composite Liners The composite liners for ball mill are of the properties of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. They are also called rubber liners or composite linings. They are the key equipment for second grinding of the broken material.
  • Hopper Liners
  • Hopper Liners Hopper liner has the advantages of wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, antistatic, not bibulous, light weight, well stability, non-toxic tasteless, small friction coefficient, antisticking, long service life, not easy to damage, flexible operation and convenient maintenance and so on.
  • Ball Mill Grate Plate
  • Ball Mill Grate Plate The ball mill grate plate takes the molding forming process technology. So it has many rectangle blank and square blank which are regularly distributed, and has the two-way same mechanics characteristic. Applications
  • Ball Mill Centre Cone
  • Ball Mill Centre Cone The written name of the blind disk for ball mill is blind flange. It is a round plate which has all of the relevant bolt holes but no center hole, and because of this feature this flange is used to close off the ends of a piping systems and pressure vessel openings.
  • Ball Mill Central Ring
  • Ball Mill Central Ring Ball mill central ring is used to fix and support the retaining ring. It is a kind of rigidity mechanical component to keep concentric with spindle and prevent axial displacement of the end field winding which is installed in the inside of the feeding and discharging place of ball mill.
  • Ball Mill Filling Segment
  • Ball Mill Filling Segment The ball mill filling segment is used to fill the gap which cannot be covered by rubber liners and prevent the leaking of mud or other grinding materials and that protect the ball mill.


1. Ball mill liners are short for the two end liners of ball mill and shell liners of cylinder. It is also called rubber sheet lining and rubber liner plate. This kind of product is mainly used to protect cylinder from being impacted and worn directly by materiel and grind-ball. At the same time we can use different forms of rubber liner plate to adjust the direction of ball mill motion to improve the grinding effect of the grinding media to material, and to help the ball mill to improve the grinding efficiency, increase production and reduce consumption. We can provide different ball mill liners according to customer’s requirements.


The whole set of the rubber liner plate for ball grinding machine are composed by head plate (the grinding type is lattice plate), head lifter bar, central ring (the grinding type is central guard plate), filling segment, shell lifter bar (also called depression bar), shell liners, manhole door and fasteners and so on. The ball mill rubber liners are more suitable for wet grinding technology, but now they are also widely used in the dry grinding technology which strict in metal (iron) impurity.

Functions of Different Components

1.The pulp riser is used to lift the pulp which has already prepared into the relief hole.
2.Depression bar of ball mill grate plate is used support the head plate.
3.Ball mill head liners are used to protect the head parts of ball mill.
4.Ball mill grate plate is used to filter the pulp which has been grinded.
5.Central ring is used to protect the relief hole.
6.The ball mill shell lifter bar is used to lift the steel grind-ball or steel bar to impact the material into powder.
7.Shell liners are used to protect the cylinder of ball mill.
8.The fillings are used to contact the end face and the rubber parts of cylinder.


Ball mill liners are widely used in modern dressing works for their characteristics of shock resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, light weight, long service life, convenient installment, electric power saving and low noise. Now they are made into rubber lifter bars for ball mill cylinder, shell liners, feed end plates and discharge end grating plates and so on. The ball mill liners are more used in the input-output end of the starter ball mill, the input-output end of regrinding ball mill and the discharge end of the cylinder autogenous ball mill.


1. Ball Mill Lifter Bar
2. Ball Mill Liners
3. Ball Mill Composite Liners
4. Hopper Liners 
5. Ball Mill Grate Plate 
6. Ball Mill Centre Cone 
7. Ball Mill Central Ring 
8. Ball Mill Filling Segment 

The Pictures of Ball Mill High Wear Resistance Rubber Liners

Rubber Liners

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Rubber Liners in Other Areas

Application Examples

Hebei Mining Group
Dexin Copper Mine

The Whole Set of Ball Mill liners in Our Company


1. Ball mill liners have the characteristics of low energy, its physical density accounts for 1/6 of manganese steel; highly reduce the motor load and save electric power, so they have the advantage of lower costs.
2. These kinds of ball mill liners have the characters of high wear resistance, impact resistance, because its abrasion resistance can prolong the use time and itself with resilience can highly reduce the huge impact.
3. The quality of the rubber liner plate for ball grinding machine is relatively light, and in the process of installation does not require any special tools, so it shorten the installation time and improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.
4. Most of metals are easy start the chemical reaction when meet with acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive substances. And this character is a huge impact to liners. So compared with metal material, the rubber liner plate for ball grinding machine have the character of corrosion resistance after special process treatment works.
5. Our ball mill liners can reduce noise due to the character of low noise of the rubber material itself and at the same time they can motivate the employees’ enthusiasm in a certain extent and improve the productivity effect of corporate indirectly.
6. Compared with manganese steel liners the rubber liners can save 150000 tons of steel balls in an annual output of 100000 tons refinery.
7. Rubber is a kind of elastic body. The castor hole of ball mill rubber grate plate is basically no blockage and not need to stop to clean. At the same time, rubber liners have leak proof fastening system and the cylinder of ball mill rubber liners are not be grout leaking and not need to be stop grind to exam and repair. So the rubber ball mill liners highly improve the producing ability.
8. The raw material, formulation, technology of our company are all come from the Germany Kraiburg Rubber Company and at the same time we are the only partner of Germany Kraiburg Rubber Company in China. Our company is a professional manufacture in designing and producing wear resistance rubber plate and polyurethane production and at the same time we have advanced rubber, polyurethane production technology, test equipment and the global connectivity technology exchange platform.
9. Our company has a lot of specialists in chemical industry and lots of senior engineers go to have exchanging study in home and abroad. So the production technology of our company is leading in the world and ensures the production quality.
10. We design and product our own moulds and the quality of our production is controlled and tested in our own laboratory.

Installation Requirements

1. A 43.5 MPa grade compressive strength of cement mortar should be filled among the head liners and the cylinder end cover after the plates have been installed.
2. The bolts that fix the ball mill head liners should not be solidified by cement mortar and also should make them have the ability to run and turnover.
3. Ball mill liners are generally having direction, when you install them you should pay attention to their direction and not let them in the opposite direction.
4. All of the arc length of circle direction gap should not exceed 310mm, and if there are exceeding places, they should be separated by filling the steel plate.
5. The gap of adjacent liners should be not more than 3~9mm.
6. There should have a interlayer between liners and cylinder surfaces according to the design requirement, if no demands, there should be filled with 42.5 MPa grade compressive strength cement mortar and as far as possible to fill it. At last the spare parts should be extruded through the bolts which used to fix liners or the frozen cement mortar will fasten the liners again.
7. Open the volume rubber liners 3-4 weeks ago to make them free elongate before install the liners with rubber tie-plate and when use the rubber liners the long side should along the cylinder’s axial direction and the short side should along the cylinder’s peripheral direction.
8. We should exam the bolt holes of ball mill liners and the geometrical shapes of liner bolts clearly, and clean the trimming, burr and tuber on the bolt holes of rubber liners and liner bolts clearly to make the bolts free penetrate the required places.
9. A whole set of liner bolts should be composed by scream bolt, dust washer, flat washer, spring washer and nut. In order to prevent dust leaking we should not forget to use the dust-proof mat when using liner bolts.
10. We should use the torque spanner to fix the liner bolts and different liner bolts should use relative torque spanners to fix.


1. Custom-made for convenience.
2. Short delivery times.
3. Provide technology consulting about wear resistance materials at any time.

Anhui Shinuo Plastic Co.Ltd has strict quality control and testing procedures, as well as the close cooperation with mineral processing industries and experienced engineers to ensure that rubber linings attain the best wear lifespans and grinding performances possible.