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Ball Mill Composite Liners


1. The composite liners for ball mill are of the properties of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. They are also called rubber liners or composite linings. They are the key equipment for second grinding of the broken material. The technology of the composite liners is that the material mixed with a certain number of steel grind-balls to grind. This kind of composite linings equipment mainly include rubber head liners and lifter bars, centre ring, filling segment, shell liners and lifter bars, manhole liners and supporting fasteners which are all made of high wear resistance rubber. 
2. The composite liners for ball mill are more suitable for wet grinding technology, and now they are also widely used in the dry grinding technology which is strict in metal impurity. We can provide customized products according to client requirement.



This kind of composite linings is exclusively used in overflow type ball mill in a section of working, grille type ball mill, the head chamber of multi chamber type ball mill, autogenous mill and rod mill. 
It can effectively against the problems of short service life of liners, steel grind-ball consumption, electric consumption, fast component wear of ball mill rotatable parts which are all come from the first section rough grinding working conditions with big grind-ball diameter and rough material.

Product Structure

The composite liners for ball mill are wear resistance rubber liners. This product is mainly includes the rubber lifter bars of cylinder, shell liners, feed head liners, discharge end grid plate and other components which are all made of wear resistance rubber material.


1. Low energy consumption. The physical density of this composite liners accounts for 1/6 of manganese steel that highly lower the motor load, save electric power and reduce costs. 
2. This kind of ball mill composite liner has the characters of high wear resistance, impact resistance, as well as itself with elasticity that can also reduce the impact force and prolong the service time. 
3. Compared with the steel end rubber liners and lifter bars, centre ring, filling segment, shell plate and lifter bars, manhole liners and supporting fasteners, the composite liners for ball mill have the characters of low noise.
4. The quality of the ball mill composite linings is relatively light, and in the process of installation does not require any special tools, so it shorten the installation time and improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.
5. A lot of metals are easy start the chemical reaction when meet with acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive substances. And this character is a huge impact to liners. So compared with metal material, the ball mill composite liners have the character of corrosion resistance after special process treatment works.
6. For above features, the composite liners for ball mill can be applied to many fields.


Property  Units Value
Hardness Shore A 62
Tensile Strength MPa  20.5 ± 10
Elongation at Break 6.5 ± 10
Tear Strength N/mm 313
Abrasion Loss MM3 35
Resilience %  
Operating Temperatures (Continuous use)   -40℃to+70℃
Colour   Black


All physical property values developed and measured using a press-cured sample sheet prepared in accordance with GB/T18241.2-2000.


Item Property Units Value
1 Carbon Content % ≤0.22%
2 Manganese Content % ≤1.4%
3 Silicon Content % ≤0.35%
4 yield strength(Thickness≤16mm) N/mm2 ≥235
5 Tensile Strength MPa 375~500
6 Elongation % ≥26