• Ball Mill Central Ring
  • Ball Mill Central Ring
  • Ball Mill Central Ring


Ball mill central ring is used to fix and support the retaining ring. It is a kind of rigidity mechanical component to keep concentric with spindle and prevent axial displacement of the end field winding which is installed in the inside of the feeding and discharging place of ball mill. The ball mill central ring provided by our company is made of rubber. We can provide customized products according to client requirement.


Ball mill rubber liners are composed of head liners (the grinding type is lattice plate), head lifter bar, ball mill central ring (the grinding type is central guard plate), filling material, shell lifter bar (also called depression bar), shell liners, manhole door, fasteners and other components.


1. The raw material, formulation, technology of our company are all come from the Germany Kraiburg Rubber Company and at the same time we are the only partner of Germany Kraiburg Rubber Company in China. Our company is a professional manufacturer in designing and producing wear resistance rubber plate and polyurethane production and also we have advanced rubber, polyurethane production technology, test equipment and the global connectivity technology exchange platform.
2. Our company has a lot of specialists in chemical industry and lots of senior engineers go to have exchanging study in home and abroad. So the production technology of our company is leading in the world and ensures the production quality.