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Acid and Alkali Resistance Roller


The alkali resistant rubber rollers made in our company are mainly used in the alkali washing drying roller of the acid rolled annealed line, galvanized line, tinned line and color-coated sheet line.
Note: We can design and manufacture acid-resistant rubber roller by customers’ needs to make customers satisfied.

Why choose our Acid-resistant rubber roller

1.Good drying effect, long lifespan which is over three times longer than that of same products in the same industry.
2.Outstanding elasticity and mechanical strength, resistant to abrasion, acid and alkali, oil, ageing and heat, long lifespan and fine performance.
3. We adopt imported raw rubber material of high quality, with high processing precision and stable usage performance, supplying rubber rollers applicable to various working environments and ensuring the production equipments work well.
4.  We adopt strict production process to provide customers with high quality alkali-resistant rubber rollers, and we can customize rubber rollers’ specification and technical requirements in accordance with customers’ operating needs.

Physical performance and specification of alkali resistance rubber roller

Item Unit Lndex
Hardness shoreA 70-80
Tensile Strength Mpa ≥50
Elongation at Break % 480
Tear Strength KN/m 90
Permanent Set % 10
DIN Abrasion Loss mm3 20