• Tensioned Rubber Screens
  • Tensioned Rubber Screens The length and width of tensioned rubber screens are determined by the users’ actually sifter size of screen machine. In order to install and parts change conveniently, the length of combination screen (amount to the width of screen machine) should be not more than 2.5m and the width (amount to the length of screen machine after pieces together) should be not more than 1.6m.
  • Steel-Backed Rubber Screen
  • Steel-Backed Rubber Screen This Steel-backed rubber liner panels can be widely used with stronger professional applicability, they suit for any types of screening machines and can be manufactured according to measure the machines.
  • Rubber Mesh
  • Rubber Mesh The rubber mesh is mainly used as the vibrating screen in metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, building and other industries with the advantages of good wear resistance, long service life, high screening efficiency and low noise.
  • Square Apertures Rubber Screen
  • Square Apertures Rubber Screen The square apertures rubber screen is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, water conservancy, road construction and other industries on the sieving machine, it is the replacement of steel plate punching mesh, steel wire mesh grid, stainless steel sieve plate and rubber screen
  • Round Holes Rubber Screen
  • Round Holes Rubber Screen The round holes rubber screen is widely used in chemical industry, foodstuff, pharmacy, beneficiation, oil, coal, water treatment, ship, medical, metallurgy and textile.


1.Rubber screen panels provide excellent resistance to impact and abrasion in scalping applications and coarse dry screening. Rubber screen panels generally cost less than polyurethane. You get low maintenance and high cost efficiency in applications that may be too severe for conventional wire cloth.
2. Rubber screens in impact and wear applications can outlast wire screens by a factor of 101.1; used to protect chutes, hoppers and other hinge wear areas; effective at feed/high impact areas.
3. Our products in addition to the superior wear life, rubber screens substantially reduce noise levels compared to perforated steel plate. We can deliver screens with reinforcement according to your requirements


1. Tensioned Abrasive Rubber Screen Panel
2. Steel-Backed Rubber Screens
3.Rubber Mesh
4. Square Apertures Screen
5. Round Holes Rubber Screen

Applications of this Rubber Screen Panel

1. Wear-resistance screens (meshes) are made from the steel plate as skeleton which strong stick to a special rubber as working face. They are characterized by high elasticity, high wear resistance, shock resistance, tear resistance and long service life and so on. It can be used with heavy screening machinery in the fields of mineral separation, metallurgy, coking, building materials, coal dressing and so on.
2.  Abrasive rubber screens are a new kind of rubber meshes that belong to the field of sifter technology of vibration screen. Now the metallic screens are used on all vibration screens which have the shortages of large weight, big noise, low screening rate and short service life. This kind of utility model is a kind of rubber screen; it is made by crisscross rubber strips which the vertical strips and horizontal rubber strips are on the two surfaces respectively, the infall is spliced by self-fluxing or binder and both ends of the screen have the expanding and tight equipments. Compared with metallic screens the abrasive rubber screens have the characters of light weight, low noise, high screening rate and long service life.


1.The hardness of this kind of rubber screens is 30 to 70.
2.It has three kinds fixed styles, bolt down, hooked and snap1.
3.This abrasive rubber screen is available with or without skid bars.
4.It is available with special hole patters.

Advantages of Rubber Screen Panel

1.Generally speaking, the service life of our rubber sieve plate is 41.8 times than metallic sieve plate.
2.The rubber sieve plate is characterized by low noise and less dust. According to the field measurement, the wear resistance rubber sieve plate can reduce the noise of 51.20 decibels after compared with the metal sieve plate, and can reduce the dust wave obviously, let the workshop gets a clean and quite work environment.
3.This kind of rubber screens have small proportion, convenient installment, load and unload transportation. The weight of 1 square meter of 15mm thickness is less than 15Kg; it not only reduces the weight of equipment itself, but also reduces the power consumption of screen machine.
4.We embedded the metallic framework in our product; it has the uniform peroration, so our product has a better abrasion performance.
5.Because the structure of the wear resistance rubber sieve plate itself, it can make the holes of rubber sieve plate have the relaxation performance, and also because the shape of the screen holes like the taper, so our rubber sieve plate has a better self cleaning capacity and also won’t be block up.
6.Our wear resistance rubber sieve plate has a high screening accuracy, because the peroration of our product has an expansive function, so it is hard to be blocked.
7.This kind of rubber screens are characterized by high impact resistance, durability, low maintenance, and long wear life in dry applications.
8.The rubber has good toughness, so it can absorb and bounce back from high impacts and this is not the AR plate and similar materials can compare with.
9.We can produce rubber sieve plate with special specifications according to your requirements.

Service Advantages of our Rubber Screen Panel

1. Custom made for convenience.
2. Short delivery times.
3. We can provide custom technology consulting about wear resistance materials at any time, and can send officials to go to have a follow-up service to dispose the technology problems in time.
4. We would promise custom to go the scene of equipments in shortest time after received notice if our rubber sieve plate has problems.

Payment and Packaging

1.We accept various payment methods, such as FOB, CIF and EXW and so on.
2.We use plastic tray, two-layer plastic paper and silver paper to package.