Anhui Sinow Rubber Products Co., Ltd is a new high-tech enterprise with scientific research, products development, process and trade in China. We are a professional manufacturer who designs and produces all kinds of high wear resistance rubber liners and other relative parts for ball mill. Now we have a whole set of production line of rubber liners, rubber screens and other parts for ball mill, including eight production lines of rubber goods and six production lines of polyurethane elastic castable to produce seven series of rubber products for ball mill. They are ball mill rubber liners, abrasive rubber screens, polyurethane screens, rollers, grinding balls, flotation machine rubber stator and rotor, and belt conveyer. These kinds of rubber products for ball mill are mainly used to protect the inner shell of cylinder from being impacted and worn directly by material and grind-ball. At the same time we can use different forms of liners to adjust the direction of ball mill motion to improve the grinding effect of the grinding media to material, and to help the ball mill to improve the grinding efficiency, increase production and reduce consumption. Now this kind of ball mill rubber liners is applied widely in many fields, such as petrochemical, light industry, metallurgical, electric power, paper industry, printing and dyeing industry, plating, sea exploration, and sewage disposal and so on. Our products are the most ideal replacement material of traditional mental palate under the corrosion environment.


1. The raw material, formulation, technology of our company are all come from the Germany Kraiburg Rubber Company and at the same time we are the only partner of Germany Kraiburg Rubber Company in China. Our company is a professional manufacturer in designing and producing wear resistance rubber liners and polyurethane production and also we have advanced rubber, polyurethane production technology, test equipment and the global connectivity technology exchange platform.
2. On the basis of absorbing the professional skills of Germany Kraiburg Rubber Company, we are specialize in the production of high wear resistance rubber screens,  ball mill composite liners, hopper liners, high wear resistance rubber plates ( screens), high-performance of pouring polyurethane elastomer, rubber liners and rubber screens in which they are featured of impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, light weight, convenient installment, long service life time, energy conservation in operation, environment protection, safe, high efficiency and other advantages. They are broadly applicable to all kinds of ball mill, rod mill, autogenous mill, damp mill, desulfuration mill in (hot) power plant, cement mill, ceramic mill, vibration screen and other mine engineering machinery.
3. The ball mill rubber liners provided by our company have being widely used in more than 100 enterprises, such as in black metal mine, nonferrous metals mine, chemical engineering mine, gold concentration plant , smelting plant, nonferrous metals processing factory and wet process of desulfuration in cement plant, ceramics, chemical fertilizer and other industries. There has been significant economic and social benefits with our products and widely trusted at home and abroad.
4. Our company gathered large quantities of outstanding talented people from the domestic chemical industry, and many senior engineers had been sent to German, France, Sweden, and Korea for further study. With a scientific research team, the Company is advanced in technology, mature in process and reliable in quality.
5. We strictly control the whole manufacturing process of our ball mill liners. Our production process is fairly environmental friendly. We conduct several inspections from raw material to the final product.

If you are interested in our rubber liners or rubber screens, please feel free to contact us for more information. We sincerely welcome any inquiries at any time. We are looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future.